Fantastic experience shopping here. A friendly, knowledgeable small store atmosphere, with great prices.


Amazing place, the owner is super helpful and efficient


Good service.... Very knowledgeable


Friendly customer service and great prices.


Best place in the state to purchase a firearm. Knowledgeable, friendly. Would highly recommend Powder River Armory to anyone looking for a firearm.

George Ross

Brian is easily the most knowledgeable and experienced gun dealer in town. He easily had the best prices on both gun and ammo as well.


The best place in town to purchase anything gun related. Very knowledgeable and friendly, and great prices. Brian is the only person I will buy any guns from.

Trae Poole

Great place to shop! Brian knows what he is talking about. The prices here are best in town by far!

Jeremy P

This is the place if you want something you don't see every day. The owner is very knowledgeable and and can help with simple problems and the most difficult. Just my personal experience.

Christopher C

Brian knows his stuff and has pretty decent prices for ammo and accessories for just about everything

Derik C

Super nice guy, and he carries a myriad of oddball replacement parts and components.

Asher S